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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs S George - Headteacher

Mrs S Moore - Deputy Headteacher & Y3/4 Teacher

Mr I Wassell - Y6 Teacher

Mr M Davies-Whitfield - Y4/5 Teacher

Mrs R Bagshaw - Y2 Teacher & SENCo

Mrs M Lees - Reception/Foundation Unit Teacher

Mrs L Langridge - Reception/Foundation Unit Teacher (Early Years Leader)

Miss B Buckley - Y1 Teacher

Mrs A Coggan - Teaching Assistant, Y6

Miss M Shaw - Teaching Assistant Y4/5

Mrs G Borsley - Teaching Assistant Y4/5

Mrs B Turner - Teaching Assistant Y3/4

Mrs V Moss - Teaching Assistant Y2

Mrs C Griffiths - Teaching Assistant Y1

Miss S Bates - Teaching Assistant Foundation Unit

Mrs H Townswend - Teaching Assistant Foundation Unit


Mrs M Hull - Office Support Manager

Mrs N Lyons - Clerical Assistant

Mr D Smallwood - Site Technician


Mrs A Haywood - Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Hussain - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Y Latham - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N Massey - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K Sale - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss V Alcock - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N Beckwith-Poole - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Rowe - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs H Williams - Lunchtime Supervisor


Miss M Shaw - After School Club Leader

Mrs N Massey - Breakfast Club Supervisor

Mrs Y Latham - Breakfast Club and After School Club Supervisor

Mrs H Critchlow - Kitchen Supervisor

Ms V Barrass - Kitchen Assistant

Mrs N Beckwith-Poole - Kitchen Assistant


Rev L Lucking  - Interim Vicar of United Benefice ex-officio Governor

Mrs S Simcock (Chair) - Foundation Governor

Mr John Harp - Foundation Governor

Mrs V Collis - (Vice Chair) Foundation Governor 

                    - Foundation Governor

Mrs G Fullwood - Foundation Governor

Mrs J Wilkinson - Foundation Governor

Mr D A Beardmore - Foundation Governor

Mr R Ward - Local Authority Governor

Mr D Bloor - Parent Governor

Mr I Wassell - Staff Governor 

Mrs S K Moore - Associate Governor 









If you have any queries please contact Mrs Hull in the school office:

01782 393118



If you have a query in regards to special educational needs please contact Mrs Bagshaw SENCO:

01782 393118