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Reid Y2 2020

HOME LEARNING 23.9.20-30.9.20

Maths Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. Use the resources below.

Complete a Pobble each day from the website below.



Our reading focus this unit is identifying and explaining key aspects of the text such as characters, events, titles and information.

Use the questions below with any book.

-Where/when does the story take place?

-What did s/he/it look like?

-Who was s/he/it?

-Where did s/he/it live?

-Who are the characters in the book?

-Where in the book would you find…

-What do you think is happening here?

-What happened in the story?

-What might this mean?

-Through whose eyes is the story told?

-Which part of the story best describes the setting?

-What part of the story do you like best? What evidence do you have to justify your opinion? Find, it. Prove it.

-How do the title/contents page/chapter headings/glossary/index…help me find information in this book?

-Which part of the text should I use to find…

-Why has the author organised the information like this?


Use the spelling sheet week 4.


Suffixes ed, ing, est, er and plurals s and es. Use the resources below. 

Write your own story in a familar setting using the story mountain and success criteria below. 

Topic Topic lessons 5 and 6. Science experiment 'Do taller people have bigger feet?' and exploring my senses activity.