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History in KS1:


This year we are focusing on one new, interesting History topic. In the Summer Term, we will be exploring an event that extends beyond our living memory, which is significant to our country's history, the Great Fire of London. 


History in KS2:


This year we are focusing on two new, exciting History Topics. During the Autumn Term, we are going to be learning all about the Tudors. This links to studying an aspect of British history that extends from our knowledge beyond 1066. Then in the Spring Term, we will be studying our local history of the Potteries. Finally, in the Summer Term we will look at what we have learnt about our two topics and compare them, looking for the similarities and differences between them. 


Our Trip to Ford Green Hall:


On the 27th and 28th September, KS2 were very lucky and went on a trip to Ford Green Hall, to learn about what life would have been like for people of the Tudor period. They took part in three workshops where they explored Tudor artefacts, experienced the food and drink of the Tudor period and investigated how the lives of the rich and poor were different. They even had the chance to dress and dance like a Tudor. 


Here are some of photos of the children taking part in the workshops:

Our Tudor Day:


On the 30th September we had a our very own Tudor themed day. We dressed up in Tudor clothes and took part in a fashion parade in the morning and then made a traditional Tudor dessert, Gingered Bread. Then, we designed and made our very own pomander and in the afternoon took part in a Tudor Banquet to try our Gingered Bread and perform a Tudor dance that we had learnt. 


Here are some of photos of the Y6 children taking part:

Here are some photos of the KS2 children taking part: