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Ingmar Y4/5 2020

Dear Parents and Carers, 


Due to some pupils in my class having to self isolate from Monday 5th July, I have added some work to the web page. Please see work below. 


Take care, 


Mr Davies  

Reading Comprehsnsion Week Beginning 5th July 2021

PE Activities week commencing 1.3.21

PE Activities Week Beginning 22.2.21

English Persuasive Letter Healthy Eating year 4/5 unit

English Unit Week Beginning 25.1.21 until Half Term (Explanation Text- mummification)

High Frequency Spelling Words (Bookmark Words)

Using a Protractor PowerPoint

English Goblinology Pack



Y4- Statistics- See maths booklet attached

Y5- Statistics- see maths booklet attached 



Use www.pobble365.com for daily comprehensions and your own reading books at home to answer these questions: 


2a: Give/explain the meaning of words in context

What does this… word/phrase/sentence… tell you about… character/setting/mood etc?
Highlight a key phrase or line. By writing a line in this way what effect has the author created?
In the story, 'x' is mentioned a lot. Why?
The writer uses words like … to describe …. What does this tell you about a character or setting?
What other words/phrases could the author have used?
The writer uses …words/phrases…to describe … How does this make you feel?
How has the writer made you and/or character feel …happy /sad/angry/ frustrated/lonely/bitter etc?


Y4- Use the spelling sheet Autumn 2 week 4 onwards  

Y5- Use Spelling sheet Autumn 2 week 4 onwards  

Sentence work

Expanded noun phrases with modifying adjectives. 

Correct punctuation of speech 

Plural and possessive S 

Fronted adverbials 

Subordinating clauses 


Topic lessons- DT Make a Christmas face mask ( follow the steps) 

1) Face mask research page

2) 4 initial face mask designs 

3) Market research- do a tally of which design is the most popular and draw a bar graph of the results

4) Final design based drawn and labelled based on market research results. 

5) Make final design Christmas face mask 

6) Evaluate face mask- What was successful? How could I improve it?  

Maths Week beginning 7.12.20 Statistics Year 4 and 5

English Week Beginning 7.12.20

Year 4 Whole Year Spellings

Year 5 Whole Year Spellings