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Ingmar Y4/5 2020

Using a Protractor PowerPoint

English Goblinology Pack



Y4- Statistics- See maths booklet attached

Y5- Statistics- see maths booklet attached 



Use www.pobble365.com for daily comprehensions and your own reading books at home to answer these questions: 


2a: Give/explain the meaning of words in context

What does this… word/phrase/sentence… tell you about… character/setting/mood etc?
Highlight a key phrase or line. By writing a line in this way what effect has the author created?
In the story, 'x' is mentioned a lot. Why?
The writer uses words like … to describe …. What does this tell you about a character or setting?
What other words/phrases could the author have used?
The writer uses …words/phrases…to describe … How does this make you feel?
How has the writer made you and/or character feel …happy /sad/angry/ frustrated/lonely/bitter etc?


Y4- Use the spelling sheet Autumn 2 week 4 onwards  

Y5- Use Spelling sheet Autumn 2 week 4 onwards  

Sentence work

Expanded noun phrases with modifying adjectives. 

Correct punctuation of speech 

Plural and possessive S 

Fronted adverbials 

Subordinating clauses 


Topic lessons- DT Make a Christmas face mask ( follow the steps) 

1) Face mask research page

2) 4 initial face mask designs 

3) Market research- do a tally of which design is the most popular and draw a bar graph of the results

4) Final design based drawn and labelled based on market research results. 

5) Make final design Christmas face mask 

6) Evaluate face mask- What was successful? How could I improve it?  

Maths Week beginning 7.12.20 Statistics Year 4 and 5

English Week Beginning 7.12.20

Year 4 Whole Year Spellings

Year 5 Whole Year Spellings