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Read (at least) six books during the summer holidays and fill in the record sheet. Don't forget to bring it back in September to claim your reward. Have fun!

Faith at Home: PATIENCE

Patience is one of those qualities that we all need to develop especially when times are tough, when people and governments are frustrating. Patience to wait for the right time, patience with each other and the patience to wait on God when things seem to be taking so long to sort themselves out. The Bible is filled with stories of people like Mary, David, Moses and Noah who had to wait for the right time, for God’s time.

‘…clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience’ (Colossians 3:1)


Use this resource to watch the videos and talk about the pictures with your family. There are also short worship activities to do at home. 

Dear Parent and Carers,                                                                                      10.7.20


I trust you are still well. I have updated Maths, English and spelling work for this week. Please ensure that your child completes their English writing assessment and their maths PUMA test (children who have been to school have already done them)  Please send these into school asap. English assessments can be emailed to me or handed in in person with the PUMA test paper. They need to be in by the end of next week otherwise those pupils will have to do these assessments in September during the first week back and may miss out on fun activities. 


Please feel free to send me pupils' work via email and get in touch should you have any queries. 


Take care and enjoy your summer! smiley 


Mr Davies 



Lucy Harper Greek Temple DT Project

DT Project Ancient Greek Temple

Ancient Greek Art Project

Science Experiment Week Commencing 6.7.20

Science Experiment Week Commencing 29.6.20

Computing Week Commencing 29.6.20 ongoing 


Create a PowerPoint about Ancient Greece. 



- Dates, maps, pictures, titles, subtitles, exciting backgrounds about what it was like to live there, food, houses, clothes, religion, sport and war etc. 

- Make your slides active by adding effects. 

- Try hyperlinking a picture to a website or video clip. 



Spellings Week Commencing 13.7.20 Common Exception Words

Year 5 Spellings Week Commencing 6.7.20

Dear Parent and Carer,                                                                                                       6.7.20 


A writing assessment will need to be completed by all children who have not completed one in school. It is a retell based on the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa. I have included the myth to read in two levels. Green and yellow is for the green and yellow reading groups and blue and purple text is for the blue and purple reading groups. 


Task 1- Read the Myth/ watch the video 

Task 2- List main events as a summary in bullet points 

Task 3- Plan your retell of the myth by completing the story mountain. 

There are a number of different problems and resolutions in this myth, you can include all of these in the climax and resolution section of your story mountain plan. 

Task 4- Write the myth of Perseus and Medusa in your own words. 

Task 5- Proof read and check your work for mistakes. 


Success Criteria

- A wide range of sentence starters

- Range of conjunctions

- Complex, multi clause sentences

- Descriptive language

- Stylistic devices

- Paragraphs

- Range of punctuation 

English 6.7.20 for pupils not doing the English assessment at home


Task 1- Read the myth of Perseus and Medusa and write a summary of key points.

Task 2- Find examples of language features in the text and write them down, include fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases, exciting verbs, nouns, conjunctions, relative clause sentences, parenthesis, stylistic devices, punctuation to add effect, adverbs and adjectives. Make a list of what you have found. 

Task 3 and 4- Create a story board or a comic strip of the myth, add pictures, colouring and text. 

Task 5- Write a letter from Perseus to Hermes persuading Hermes to help you (Perseus) fight Medusa. 


Virtual Sports Day Certificate

Virtual Sports Day information and score sheets

KS2 - Throw and Catch

Still image for this video

KS2 - Egg and Spoon

Still image for this video

KS2 - Burpies

Still image for this video

KS2 - Dressing Up Race

Still image for this video

KS2 - Dressing Up Race Example

Still image for this video

St. Peter's Sports Day Poster by Mikey

St. Peter's Sports Day Poster by Lucy H

What are your worries and how can you cope? This activity sheet will give your child the opportunity to talk about the current situation. This is not a requirement, just here to support anyone who might need it.

Dear Parents and Carers, 


I trust you are still well. 

     I have updated the work on the class page for week commencing 18.5.20 with new maths, English, computing and spelling work. It is our school sports day on Friday 22nd so we will be holding an interactive sports day and videos will be posted so your child can participate at home. If your child would like to design a poster to advertise St. Peter's Sports Day at home due to Covid 19 and send them to me. That would be great! 


Stay Safe, 


Mr Davies 

VE Day Work

Year 5 DT Rocket Art work

Andy Goldsworthy Art Year 5

Suggested Year 5 Daily Timetable

St Peters Useful Home Learning Links and Expectations

Art from Nature Personalised Learning 20.4.20

Art Challenge (20.4.20)- Create Andy Goldsworthy style sculptures in your garden using natural forms. Photograph them and send me the pics. If you don't have a garden, collect natural forms while out walking and do an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture at home instead. 

18.5.20 Computing- How to stay safe online

11.5.20 Computing- How to stay safe online

Pie Corbett English Lesson 1 2 and 3 Creating Atmosphere in Writing 'The Old Mill' Week Commencing 11.5.20

English Lessons 4 and 5 Week Commencing 11.5.20 Settings to Indicate Change

Spellings Week Commencing 18.5.20 Homophones

Spellings Week Commencing 11.5.20 -able and -ible words

Spellings Week Commencing 4.5.20 Singular to Plural

Spellings Week Commencing 27.4.20 Homophones

Spelling Set 1 (Silent Letters)

Year 5 Autumn, Spring and Summer Focus Spelling words to practise

Year 5 and 6 Common Exception Words