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At St Peter’s we would like all children to experience languages from EYFS up to year 6. As a school we think we should teach about languages and culture to open their eyes to the wider world and give them confidence when in different countries to give it a go. Language lessons should be fun, active and inspire children to find out more about the culture. For EYFS/KS1 we would like them to learn basic vocabulary across a number of languages preparing them for holidays and further learning. In KS2 we are focusing our learning on French and want the learning to be relevant to experiences the children may have in their life. They should learn to recognise and say vocabulary, incorporate it into spoken sentences and written word. This approach uses Bruner’s spiral curriculum at its heart, starting out with basic learning and gradually getting more difficult each time it is revisited within the year. This repeated revisiting aids retrieval of learning as discussed by Ebbinghaus.

MFL Long Term Plan

French Foundations overview