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Maths work for Monday 13th July

English work for the last week of term.

I won't be setting work every day this week.  These activities are for the week.

Finish reading Percy Jackson this week completing some of these activities

- Re-design the front cover of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

- Write a blurb for the story to go on the back cover

- Illustrate a picture to go with a chapter you have read

- Write a review of the story for a newspaper or magazine


English Work for Thursday 9th July

We are going back to Percy Jackson today.  If you have read to the end of chapter 19 you will know where the master bolt is and what Percy has to do next.  Over the next 2 days I would like you to write your own ending to the story.  What happens next?  Does Percy get the bolt back to Zeus in time?  Does he stop the war?  Who is the god who tricked him?  Who is the one who betrayed Percy?  Does he rescue his mum?

We will then read to the end of the story next week to find out what really happened.

English work for Wednesday 8th July

Today we are going to write our neat copy of our autobiographical account.  Firstly spend some time proof reading and editing your work to make sure there are no mistakes and it is the very best you can do.  Then you write out your final copy in neat.  It can be written in you own neatest handwriting or word processed on the computer.  If you are going to Blythe, it is extremely important that you send me a copy of your final piece of work so I can stick it into your new book for next year.  If you are going to a different high school, you can still send it in and I will pass it on to your new school too.

On Thursday we will be returning to Percy Jackson at Chapter 20.  Please make sure you have read to the start of chapter 20 before Thursday morning!

English work for Tuesday 7th July

Today we are going to write out our autobiographical piece of writing for Blythe Bridge (or you new high school) as a first draft.  Your piece of writing should be at least a page long but no longer than two pages.  Try to show off all of your writing skills, adding plenty of detail to describe the event.  Think about how you were feeling during the event too.

Some writing features you could use include:

- figurative language

- powerful verbs, adverbs and adjectives.

- a range of multi-clause sentences

- Alan Peat sentence types (the more the more, outside (inside), etc)

- a range of punctuation marks including semi-colons

- a range of sentence openers

Also, make sure you get all of the bare necessities right.

The writing should take you about 40-45 minutes.  if you finish early you could make a start on proof reading and editing for improvement.

English work for Monday 6th July

The next three days we are going to do a piece of work which Blythe Bridge have asked you to do which will be the first piece of work in your new English book for next year (so it needs to be your very best work).  If you are not going to Blythe, I would still like you to have a go at it and we can send it on to your new high school too. 

It is going to be an autobiographical piece about an exciting or particularly memorable moment or event in your life.  Read the extract called the Great Mouse Plot (linked below) to give you an idea of the type of piece needed. 

Today I would like you to plan out your piece.  Think of a memorable event that you could write at length about.  It could be an event in school or out of school, a holiday or a family trip, a celebration or party, a funny or amusing event, a time when you were scared or worried, a recent event or something that happened a long time ago, anything that you can remember well. It just has to be one event though, not your whole life.

Plan out what you are going to write tomorrow.  I have attached a story mountain below for you to use if you would like.  Also think about the ambitious vocabulary choices you might make.

Tomorrow we are going to write our piece as a first draft, then on Wednesday we are going to edit and write it out in neat.


New topic work - Leavers Project

Maths work for Friday 3rd July

Log onto the White rose Maths Year 6 page and have a go at the Friday Maths Challenge.

In school this week we have been doing some activities we would have been doing had we been able to go to Standon Bowers this week.  On Monday we build dens (for animals) and on Tuesday we had a go at a blind fold trail and played a floor is lava game. Have a look at the photos of our efforts. 

Floor is lava challenge

Persius and Medusa

Newspaper writing frame

Chapter 9 questions

Maths work for Monday 15th June - Don't forget to watch the video from the White Rose Maths website

Faith at Home: PATIENCE

Patience is one of those qualities that we all need to develop especially when times are tough, when people and governments are frustrating. Patience to wait for the right time, patience with each other and the patience to wait on God when things seem to be taking so long to sort themselves out. The Bible is filled with stories of people like Mary, David, Moses and Noah who had to wait for the right time, for God’s time.

‘…clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience’ (Colossians 3:1)


Use this resource to watch the videos and talk about the pictures with your family. There are also short worship activities to do at home. 

Year 6 in school video diary

Still image for this video

Playtime in school

Still image for this video

The afternoon

Still image for this video

The winner of our photography competition is James R Hollins. Well done James!

Greek mythological creatures gallery

What are your worries and how can you cope? This activity sheet will give your child the opportunity to talk about the current situation. This is not a requirement, just here to support anyone who might need it.

Fractions Work 1

Fractions Work 2

Celebrating our work at home. Here is some of the work the year 6 children have been doing at home

Here is the Y6 letter with guidance on home learning.

23.3.20 - Log on to Education City to have a go at this weeks Maths activities.  They are all about data and statistics.  You will find them in the homework section and it is called 'Year 6 Maths 23.3.20'.  Good luck

Ancient Greeks topic task sheet

50 recommended reads for Year 6 children

Choose reading tasks from this reading grid

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activities

Choose from these ideas for writing