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Tova Y3/4 2021-2022

Dear Parents, 


Week beginning 18.10.21 

Please find work for your child to complete should they be absent from school. There are maths 

work sheets and videos to explain the sheets. There is also answer pages to the maths sheets so you or your child can mark the maths work after the sheet is completed. Also, please find English work and topic work below. This web page will be updated for children who are off school. 



Kind regards, 


Mr Davies 

Engish Week Beginning 18.10.21


This week we are planning and writing a non-chronological report about tigers. 

Please include a title, and then a paragraph for the following subtitles: 





Fun facts section


Please use the tiger non-chronological report provided as a guide. 

Please see the language features sheet for a non-chronological report before writing. 

Also include the following conjunctions: 

Before, after, although, when, if, because 

Include paragraphs and plural and possessive -s


Lesson 1- Plan your non-chronological report about tigers

Lesson 2- Write introduction and habitat paragraphs

Lesson 3- Write diet and offspring paragraphs 

Lesson 4- write fun facts section then read through and correct mistakes 

Lesson 5- Read your report carefully and correct spelling and punctuation mistakes. Edit your non chronological and improve it by checking if you have included everything you need to. 

Non-Chronological report teaching slides

Topic Week Beginning 18.10.21


Please complete 4 hours worth of topic activities. 

Animals Personalised Learning

Week beginning 11.10.21

In English we have started to look at non-chronological reports about animals. Pupils have been identifying the key features of a non-chronological report about tigers. Please find attached some 

work for your child to do this week: 


1) Conjunctions when, if, because, although in writing to extend a range of sentences with more than one clause.

2) Organising writing into paragraphs (2 lessons)

3) Using plural -S and possessive -S correctly (2 lessons) 



Topic- Animals (Complete 4 hours of activities)


Week beginning 4.10.21 


We are beginning a new unit. We will be looking at different non chronological reports about animals. This week is a reading week. Pupils will learn what a non chronological report looks like, identify its features, compare different ones and summarise paragraphs into main points. 

Please find some activities for your child to do for English this week should they be at home and able to do school work. 

Please find the topic personalised learning for our new KS2 topic of animals. Pupils can choose paddling, swimming or diving activities to complete. They can choose any activities. There are 4 hours of topic work a week in school so children should complete around 4 hours of topic activities from the personalised learning each week. 

Animals Personalised Learning